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Volunteer Opportunities for Older Adults

Here at the University of Southern California, our research groups are investigating what can be done to maintain healthy minds and bodies as we age.
Would you like to help? Volunteer!

Volunteer Opportunities

Our research is a constant process. There are many opportunities for
you to become a participant! Here are some descriptions of current research projects - please let us know if you are interested in learning more about any of these studies.


    We are an NIH-funded study about arm and hand recovery after a stroke. Study measurements will include an MRI and arm and hand function testing using a battery of lab-based measures and behavioral questionnaires. Participation may involve 15, 30, or 60 hours of focused physical therapy and 12 assessment visits to the Bice Clinical Research Center at the USC Health Sciences Campus.

    You must be at least 21, have had a stroke six months ago or longer, have weakness in the arm or hand affected by the stroke and be medically stable.
    Contact Clarisa Martinez (323-442-1410 or Claris{a}


    Are you interested in helping us learn how fasting and dietary intervention affects health and the brain?
    Contact Min Wei (213-740-1755 or MWei{a}


    Our research is investigating how emotion influences cognition. If you participate in this study, you will be asked to complete several forms and computerized tasks involving looking at pictures and listening to sounds.

    If you decide to participate, you would come in for 2 sessions, scheduled 24 hours apart, for 1.5 hours each (3 hours total).
    Contact Allison Ponzio (213) 740-7111or emotionstudyusc{a}


    The purpose of this TWO, CONSECUTIVE DAY study is to examine the effects of aging on cognitive processing. You will be engaged in a memory game and then looking at pictures.

    If you decide to participate, you would come in for 2 sessions, scheduled 24 hours apart, for 1 hour each (2 hours total).
    Contact Rico Velasco (213-740-9543 or VelascoR{a}

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